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Backup &
Recovery Products


We are all about recovery, getting your data back fast, and getting your client operational quickly, after any disaster. 

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AusCloud One



 The most feature rich file sync product on the market, built for resellers to manage, designed for businesses to use. Australian cloud storage and Austraian support.  Click here for more details.






Why would I need AusCloud One?


Many businesses have mobile workforce, remote workers, road warriors and even tele-commuters. They all need access to their businesses files system, but this can often be slow and cumbersome. AusCloud One can make this a much better end user experience.

Some small businesses have servers just for a central point to keep their files, the purchase and maintenance costs can be relatively high. AusCloud One can negate the requirement for a server at all.


This product is designed for resellers, it fully brandable, and gives you full control to create and mange  all your clients, Ask for a free trial, you will be impressed.


Why would I need a BDR appliance?



If you have been working is IT support for any length of time it is highly likely you have received a call from a client reporting a server down, that even after a reboot won’t start up properly. Often you can solve the problem, but there are occasions when nothing gets it up again, such as with operating system corruption, or even multiple disk failures. This is frustrating and expensive for the client, but the IT support person is suddenly faced with an enormous amount of work rebuilding a server, that has to take priority over everything, with the client applying pressure to get it done as quickly as possible.


Our BDRs make such situations much easier to manage, you can have them operational again with minimum downtime Then you can recover the failed server at a scheduled time without the pressure of having to get it done as fast as possible. Instead of have an unhappy client who can’t operate their business, you have a happy one, who is very impressed with you being able to get them up and running again so quickly, from a dire situation.


With backup images both on and offsite, and email alerts when there is a problem with the backup, you know you have provided your client with a great way of recovering quickly from any situation. You no longer have to dread those calls about a server going down, (which always seems to happen on a Friday afternoon), as you know you have a solution in place.