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We are all about recovery, getting your data back fast, and getting your client operational quickly, after any disaster. 

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 The most feature rich file sync product on the market, built for resellers to manage, designed for businesses to use. Australian cloud storage and Austraian support.  Click here for more details.



About Us


Who we are

Auscloud BDR is an Australian owned public company based in Melbourne with all of our infrastructure located in Australia. It has been designed and built by an MSP for MSPs and other IT support companies from large multinationals to sole traders. We are 100% channel and do not sell direct to any business.


Mission statement

Our mission is very simple

“To deliver a product that all of our resellers would recommend to others”


Why BDRs

During our time running our managed service provider business, backups and recovery was always a problem. The unreliability of tape backup, having to check it every day, relying on people to change the tape and also to take them offsite, really was an inefficient way of operating. Our pay by the hour engagement clients were not happy about continually paying for rectification of backup issues, and with managed service clients, we couldn’t operate efficiently trying to manage such an unreliable process.


The low costs of USB drives caused some clients to switch from tapes, which helped reliability, but was still inefficient, and USB drive do not drop well when taken offsite! The same problems remained though, it had to be checked every day, and someone had to physically change disks and take them offsite.


The biggest problem was recovery, even restoring a single file could be slow process, getting the correct tape or disk, especially if they were offsite. A corrupted file system or failed server hardware is something everyone hopes will never happen, but unfortunately it is a situation that given enough time and servers under support will happen to everyone, and usually on a Friday afternoon, or when you are already snowed under with work.


A server recovery can take many hours, a whole day’s worth of data can be lost (assuming the previous night’s backup was successful) and the client may have no network functionality or at least be limited while the recovery is taking place. Clients may even blame their IT support provider for such a situation occurring in the first place, and once they are operational again, look elsewhere for IT support.


With a BDR appliance in place a client can be operational in minutes, with minimal data loss. Instead of blaming IT support for it happening, they will usually give credit for such a fast recovery, and instead of looking for a new IT support provider, they will be even keener to keep you.


Historical restores has also been a problem in the past, sometime a client will want something (usually email) restored from several months ago. Tapes are rotated but in order to keep historical data you need to take one out of rotation each month and replace it with a new tape. This meant an ever increasing quantity of tapes were needed. However tape drives have limited life spans, and drives are often replaced by newer ones that are not compatible with the older tapes, making restores much more difficult. The BDR keeps you historical data on spinning disk and will enable you to restore from months or even years ago quickly and with certainly that it will actually work.


For just a few hundred dollars a month the Auscloud BDR appliance can and will save both you and your client, not only money but a whole lot of pain as well.