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We are all about recovery, getting your data back fast, and getting your client operational quickly, after any disaster. 

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AusCloud One



 The most feature rich file sync product on the market, built for resellers to manage, designed for businesses to use. Australian cloud storage and Austraian support.  Click here for more details.



Frequently Asked Questions


Who can access my client’s data?

Only the person that knows the passphrase that you set. If you lose this, the backups will be useless.


What sort of encryption is used?

256 bit AES


How secure are my offsite backups?

Each of the storage arrays used to host your backups have N +1 redundancy with a complete backup run daily to separate location.


Is this a complex solution or configure?

No, it is likely you are already familiar with shadow protect, and hyper V. The offsite transfer product is very simple to setup and we provide a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide


Does my backup data get sent overseas?

No, it is all kept in Australia


Do we need a fast internet connection?

No, as only the changes at block level are transferred over the Internet. Only in exceptional circumstances where there is a very slow internet connection and a lot of changes are made each day would this ever be an issue.


What about anti-virus protection?

The BDR appliance comes with webroot secure anywhere that is updated and managed by us. But you can install your own product if you wish.


How is the appliance supported?

We have labtech installed on each appliance, in order to run routine maintenance and patch updates, and to provide support when requested, but you can install your own RMM or monitoring product as well if you wish.


How often do the backups run?

As often as you want, we recommend each hour


Do backups during the day slow down the network?

A backup will require some hardware resources, but as it is incremental only, this is minor and does not last very long.


What else do I need to make this solution work?

Nothing else is required, both the BDR and offsite backups are turnkey solutions.


Can I backup exchange servers?

Yes both the BDR and offsite backups can backup and restore exchange server at a granular level.


What is the lifespan of the BDR appliance?

Purchased BDR can be used for as long as you wish, but hardware warranty will expire after 4 years. for BDR used under the monthly payment non purchase scheme will be replaced after 4 years.


How long do I keep the backups?

We recommend that after 2-3 years, the backup chain is archived and started again. You can just copy the old backup chain to a USB disk or we can keep it on spinning disk in our storage array for a small fee. You then start the process again, we will even send you a disk for the initial full backup.